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Title: Smooth
Author: Kathie
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Ronon Dex/Rodney McKay
Rating: FRAO
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be and never were.
Word Count: 1,608 words
Summary: Ronon had learned quickly that the Lanteans had strange customs, and that the best thing was just to nod and accept their weirdness. Besides, he really wanted that mouth of McKay’s wrapped around his dick and sucking him. Losing a bit of hair seemed like a small sacrifice to achieve that. Besides, it would grow back within weeks.
Author’s Notes: For kink_bingo, prompt: Shaving. About a million thanks to the very best ginny305, who listened to me rant and bitch about it all day long.


“You want me to what?”

Ronon stared at the smaller man with an unreadable expression on his face; an expression that could have been amusement, annoyance, or just a complete lack of understanding.

Rodney stared back defiantly. “What?” he snapped defensively. Ronon had learned quickly that Rodney dealt with threats – or what he considered threats – by running as long as he could, and when he didn’t see any other way anymore, he turned around and attacked, like a rat, and like a rat, his bite usually wasn’t very dangerous, at least to those he considered friends.

“If you want me to suck you,” Rodney told him, his chin stubbornly tilted up and his arms crossed over his broad chest, the corners of his mouth pulled downwards disapprovingly, “You need to get rid of the fur, Chewie.”

Ronon’s lips twitched amusedly. “Yeah?” he said, mirroring Rodney’s stance and crossing his arms over his chest. “Why?”

Rodney snapped for air before launching into a long-winded explanation about hygiene and aesthetics that didn’t quite make sense to Ronon. He listened to Rodney, his head tilted slightly to the side, and when Rodney finally stopped to breathe, he just nodded.

He’d learned quickly that the Lanteans had strange customs, and that the best thing was just to nod and accept their weirdness.

Besides, he really wanted that mouth of McKay’s wrapped around his dick and sucking him. Losing a bit of hair seemed like a small sacrifice to achieve that. Besides, it would grow back within weeks.

“So,” he said slowly and tilted his head to the other side, “How do you do it?”

Rodney stared at him incredulously. His mouth worked, but there were no words for a long moment.

“What?” he finally asked. “Do you want me to show you how to shave? You know how to do that, you overgrown caveman!”

Ronon chuckled and, with a casual gesture, pulled the knife from its sheath on his belt, which was resting right next to his bed, within easy reach.

“This is how I shave,” he said and twirled the knife expertly in between his fingers, enjoying the sight of Rodney swallowing reflexively and his eyes nervously following the knife while going wider and wider. Ronon liked Rodney well enough; considered him a good friend; liked those few times they’d hooked up for a handjob, but it was so much fun to just rile him up or scare him a little. Ronon understood perfectly well why Sheppard kept on doing it.

“You shave with your knife?” Rodney asked weakly, and when Ronon nodded and slipped the knife back into its sheath, he just frowned and asked, “But why don’t you use a razor?”

Ronon didn’t bother answering that. It was redundant. Besides, Rodney didn’t really expect an answer anyways. He was already thinking about something else again, slipping off the bed and reaching for his shoes.

“Stay where you are,” he instructed, “I’ll be back in a second!”

He hurried out of Ronon’s room, his shirt on inside out, leaving the taller man almost completely naked on his bed.

Ronon shook his head in fond amusement.

Rodney would be back.

He’d left his computer on the small bedside table, after all.


True to his word, Rodney returned only a short amount of time later, clutching a folded towel awkwardly to his chest.

“What…” Ronon started to ask, his eyebrows rising slightly, but before he could say another word, Rodney had unrolled the towel, revealing a can and the apparatus Ronon knew was a razor.

“Rodney, what are you doing?” he asked, suddenly suspicious.

Rodney shrugged. “What does it look like I’m doing?” he snapped and disappeared in the bathroom with a deep frown, not without giving Ronon a withering glare.

Ronon swallowed as he stretched out on the bed again. If Rodney was planning what he thought he was, he would get very close to a part Ronon considered vital to his body with a blade, even if it was just a razorblade.

It would be interesting, to say at least.

Rodney returned from the bathroom, a wet towel and a bowl with water in his hands. He was still frowning, but when Ronon didn’t seem to want to kill him on the spot, he took a deep breath and crawled onto the bed again.

“Lift up,” he ordered, slipping a dry towel under Ronon’s hips and tugging at his pants, which were still tangled around his legs, and pulled them off completely when he did. “Let’s do this, shall we?”

Ronon caught his wrist when he lifted the scissors from his bundle. “I’m not letting you near me with those,” he said, his face losing its vaguely amused expression.

Rodney rolled his eyes. “Fine,” he snapped. “Do it yourself.”

He thrust the scissors against Ronon’s chest and sat back on his heels, glowering at him while Ronon awkwardly held the unfamiliar scissors, slowly and methodically moving it over the dark hair growing around his cock.

“Cut it as short as possible,” Rodney instructed, leaning a little closer to observe Ronon’s handiwork. “Yeah, like that.”

Ronon gave him an amused smirk and finally dropped the scissors, purposefully out of Rodney’s reach. The glare he got was a clear sign that Rodney had understood what he was silently trying to tell him. He shrugged slightly. He was not sure if he wanted Rodney armed with anything close to his dick, even if it was something small as a razor.

“Want to do the rest by yourself too?” Rodney asked quietly, the wetted towel in his hands. “It’s a safety razor. Even if I wanted to hurt you with it, you’d probably break my neck before I could do any harm with that one.”

Ronon considered his offer for a second. He was a bit wary of the whole procedure, but he trusted Rodney, and that was what made him lean back on his elbows and say, “Nah, you do it.”

Rodney rubbed his hands together, the same way he did before he touched something in one of his labs, and it soothed Ronon’s suddenly tense nerves slightly. Rodney was always careful with the technology he was handling; he would be careful with Ronon’s dick too.

Curiously, he watched as Rodney wiped the damp towel over the area he intended to shave, moving his dick whenever he needed to. Next came a thick, foamy layer of white shaving cream.

At that point, Ronon was relaxed enough for his dick to stir slightly. Rodney gave him a dark look, but he didn’t say anything. Instead, he picked up the razor from his towel.

Ronon held his breath, but he soon realized that he didn’t have reason to worry. Rodney was as careful as if he was handling some breakable piece of Ancient technology as he slowly and carefully ran the razor over his skin. He always worked in the same rhythm, he soon realized. He would shave a stripe of Ronon’s skin, then run his fingertips over it, repeat it once and then clean the razor in the bowl with the water he’d brought to the bed.

It was almost soothing in its regularity.

Ronon breathed deeply and relaxed further when Rodney took his dick in his hand and shifted it to the side, to shave the tender skin of his balls.

It felt good, Ronon realized with a start; too good almost. His dick reacted by starting to harden under Rodney’s expert touch, and Rodney’s grip tightened slightly, keeping it out of the way of the razor.

He hadn’t planned on letting Rodney hear the startled moan at the almost caress-like touches, but it surprised even himself. Rodney looked up, a smug expression on his face, as he dropped the razor and ran the wet towel over Ronon’s groin, now bare of hair, again, cleaning off the last traces of loose hair and shaving cream.

Ronon groaned again. He couldn’t stop himself from reaching out and tangling his hand in Rodney’s fine hair, pulling him down against his dick with an impatient hiss.

Rodney gave a startled squawk, but he didn’t try to pull away. Instead, he opened his mouth and let his tongue slip out, over the leaking tip of Ronon’s erection. He looked up at Ronon’s face, noticing the way Ronon was biting his lip, his eyes slowly drifting half-closed, and he huffed in triumph and took more of Ronon’s dick into his mouth, while one of his hands wrapped around the base. His other hand roamed freely over the now smooth and soft skin of Ronon’s balls, teasing them and rolling them in his palm.

Ronon choked back a moan. His fingers tightened in Rodney’s hair, urging him on to move faster, take him deeper, suck him harder, and Rodney had no choice but to comply. His fingers brushed over Ronon’s sensitive skin again while he moved up and down his dick, his tongue wet and agile against his flesh.

Ronon’s back arched sharply as he came, a bitten off howl on his lips. He loosened his grip on Rodney’s hair, and Rodney pulled back, sputtering and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

Ronon hummed and lifted his head to look down himself.

“Huh,” he said, his voice slightly scratchy. “My dick looks bigger like this.”

“Yes,” Rodney said, throwing his arms up and sitting back with a grimace. “It looks bigger. It’s also covered in disgusting shaving cream and – “

Whatever else he wanted to say, Ronon muffled it by pulling him into a deep kiss.

It could wait until after he repaid the favor.

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