Kathie (mistokath13) wrote in oddball_sga,

Title: Starlight
Author: Kathie
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Rating: FRAO
Pairing: Evan Lorne/Radek Zelenka
Warnings: slash
Word Count: 1,920 words
Summary: Technically, what Radek had proposed was not just outdoor sex. It was off-planet outdoor sex.
Author’s Notes: For kink_bingo, prompt: outdoor sex. Many thanks to ginny305 for the help.


“Are you sure this is a good idea?”

Lorne shifted nervously from one foot to the other. “What if we get caught?” he asked before biting his lip sharply. He didn’t want to sound whiny, preferring to sound as if he wasn’t bothered at all by Radek’s playfulness. He still detected a hint of McKayness in his own voice.

But then, he thought, technically, what Radek had proposed wasn’t just outdoor sex.

This was off-planet outdoor sex, even if they still were on Atlantis.

Off-planet outdoor sex with another man.

That alone could have him court-martialed, he thought, but on the other hand, he didn’t think Colonel Sheppard would let that happen; not if he could prevent it.

Radek gave him a smile and took his hand again. “This is safe,” he promised. “And pretty. You will like it.”

Lorne chuckled and followed Radek through another of Atlantis’ many hallways. He trusted the smaller man.

It hadn’t taken long after his arrival on Atlantis until Evan Lorne had recognized that Radek Zelenka was way smarter than he was. Radek wasn’t as loud and obnoxious about it as McKay, and he got along with people better than the abrasive McKay did, and Evan had asked him once if he wanted to be part of his off-world team; but Radek had declined, staring at Evan with wide eyes and saying that he hated going through the Stargate. Evan had offered to teach him about self-defense, and had told him that the Gate wasn’t that bad, but Radek had declined, once more.

Unlike McKay, he was perfectly fine with staying on Atlantis.

Evan later found out that Radek was way more capable of defending himself than he’d expected at first. The wild hair and the glasses had deceived him, and he’d been surprised he’d actually managed to lure Radek to the shooting range; to the great amusement of Sheppard, McKay and Dex.

He had been fascinated, and he hadn’t given up. He had managed to build a friendship with the scientists, and things had developed from that point, and it didn’t take Evan long to find out that Radek did, indeed, have an adventurous side.

“Are you really sure McKay isn’t watching us?” he asked for what felt the millionth time while following Radek over a pile of rubble.

Radek paused and pushed his glasses up his nose. “Not sure,” he admitted. “Rodney, he can watch everything. It would be suspicious to disable the cameras.”
He gave Evan a wide grin. “Rodney is distracted by technical problems at the moment. No hot water.”

Even had to laugh despite himself. “How long will that keep him busy?” he asked curiously.

Radek shrugged. “Not long, if he finds the missing crystal,” he admitted. “Besides, Rodney isn’t interested in your scrawny ass anyways.”

“Hey,” Evan protested with a smile. “My ass isn’t scrawny.”

“Yes, yes,” Radek agreed in a placating voice. “We’re here.”

They went around a corner and through a door and found themselves on a balcony that overlooked the central spire of Atlantis. The water was reflecting the lights of the ancient city while gently lapping at the pier directly underneath them, and the stars were glittering in the night sky above them. They didn’t need artificial lights – the starlight and the light from the moons was enough to illuminate the scene, as soon as their eyes had grown accustomed to it.

“Wow,” Evan breathed and took a step closer to the edge of the balcony while looking around.

Radek grinned and pushed his glasses up again. “I thought you might like it down here,” he said and opened the bag he’d been carrying, pulling out a blanket, a bottle and two cups.

“It’s beautiful,” Evan said, glancing up at the three moons above them. “How did you find this spot?”

“Luck,” Radek said dismissively and handed him one of the cups. Their hands brushed against each other, and Evan gave him a soft smile.

“To luck then.”

He took a sip of the clear liquid and coughed a little – Radek knew how to build a still and use it, and the results of his work were legendary among the Lanteans – but before he could say a single word, Radek’s fingers were in his short hair, tugging him gently down, his nose touched cold glass – he would have to apologize for that later – and then their lips met in a soft kiss that quickly deepened. Evan carded one hand through Radek’s hair, his fingers getting tangled in the unkempt strands, while the other hand was clenched tight around the cup; careful not to slosh its content over himself.

Radek muttered something in Czech and took the cup from him. He set it down on the rail of the balcony, together with his own, and, after a brief moment of hesitation, took Evan’s hand to pull him toward the blanket he’d spread out on the floor.

They sat down, and Radek trailed a hand down Evan’s chest seductively.

“Are you sure,” Evan murmured, “That nobody is watching us out here?”

Radek took off his radio and his glasses and neatly put them down next to the blanket.

“Yes, yes,” he said again and gently tugged Evan’s radio off his ear, putting it next to his own. “Nobody is here. Just us.”

Evan frowned at his soothing voice. “Are you making fun of me?” he asked, but Radek didn’t reply. He was busy pulling off the holster on Evan’s thigh, his fingers nimble and sure where they brushed against his leg. He made sure the weapon was within easy reach before giving Evan a smile and brushing his hands up to his broad shoulders.

They kissed again, and one of Evan’s hands reached out, to wrap around Radek’s waist and pull him tight against him.

Radek moaned and shifted, without breaking the kiss, until he was kneeling astride Evan’s hips. One of Evan’s hands slipped down his back and came to rest on Radek’s ass, squeezing gently.

Radek gently bit his bottom lip, swiped his tongue, wet and velvety, over the small sting, and pulled back slightly to ask, “You want to do it here? Under the stars?”

His hand slipped down between their bodies again, over Evan’s chest and stomach, to squeeze his dick through his pants. It twitched interestedly and started to fill out, pressing uncomfortably against the fly of his pants.

Evan swallowed thickly and squeezed Radek’s ass again. The whole outdoor sex had been Radek’s idea, in the first place, he thought randomly, but now, he made it seem like it had been Evan’s.

Radek was sneaky like that.

He also was still fondling his dick through his pants, causing a delicious and almost painful friction against his tender flesh and skin.

“Yes?” Radek murmured, his lips suddenly pressed against the side of Evan’s face, his accent thick and sweet, like syrup, his voice rough with growing arousal.

Evan swallowed again. His mouth was dry, his consciousness focused on the hand between his legs, blunt nails scratching over the material of his pants where it was stretched over his balls.

Radek kissed him again, his tongue pushing deep into his mouth and rasping against Evan’s. His second hand started to tug impatiently at Evan’s belt, tugging it open, before he concentrated on the button and zipper of his pants.

“You say yes, yes?” he asked with a teasing grin, and Evan found himself chuckling and nodding, almost despite himself.

“Good,” Radek grinned, and Evan brushed the hair out of his face and kissed him again.

Radek hummed and shifted his weight once more, this time pressing one of his bony shoulders gently against Evan’s chest and pushing him down, without breaking the kiss, until he was lying back on the blanket.

“You won’t regret this, you’ll see,” Radek grinned.

Evan laughed. “Are you promising me that I’ll see stars?” he teased and ran his hands up and down Radek’s back.

“If you can keep your eyes open,” Radek replied and tapped the side of Evan’s hip gently. “Lift up.”

Evan was good at following orders, and he did what Radek had asked him to do without questioning it or hesitating. Radek pulled off hi pants and dropped them next to their blanket, together with his briefs. His hands were cool, almost too cold against Evan’s overheated flesh when he touched him, but he contrast only sent shivers of arousal up Evan’s back and hardened his flesh, finally free from its constrictions, further.

“Just lie back,” Radek murmured and bent down to close his teeth around a shirt-covered nipple, to tug gently. Evan groaned deep in his throat and reached up once more to pull Radek into another kiss.

“What are you doing?” Evan asked breathlessly, but he didn’t try to sit up again.

“Oh, just having fun,” Radek replied and wriggled out of his pants as well, but not without pulling a small container out of his pocket first. He unscrewed it, and the familiar smell of McKay’s sunscreen filled Evan’s nose.

“Does McKay know what you’re doing with this?” he asked amusedly.

Radek shook his head and looked at Evan with wide eyes. He looked so different without his glasses, Evan thought haphazardly, more innocent – however, that impression was destroyed when Radek admitted, “He doesn’t even know I took it. Plus, I told you before that Rodney isn’t interested in your ass, so why should I tell him?”

Even laughed; a choked-off sound that ended in a drawn-out moan when Radek started to prepare himself and slipping first one, then more of his dexterous fingers deep into himself and stretching the tight muscle quickly, but thoroughly. Evan could only watch in rapt fascination as Radek let his head fall back and rocked back against his own digits before finally pulling them free and reaching for the sunscreen again.

“Watch,” he said with a grin and liberally covered Evan’s throbbing erection with it before kneeling up and balancing himself over the tip of Evan’s erection for a heartbeat before slowly lowering himself down on it.

Evan bit his lip sharply to stop himself from crying out and from pushing too fast up into his lover, who had his hands clenched in his shirt. Belatedly, he realized that they both were still wearing their shirts, but a slight wind had picked up, making Goosebumps appear on Evan’s skin anyways.

He opened his eyes wide and looked up at the stars surrounding them while gripping Radek’s hips tightly, giving the other man a moment to get used to the stretch and burn of being penetrated. He didn’t know if the rush he could hear was the water underneath their balcony or the blood in his ears, and he felt like falling while staring up at the sky above them.

It was as if it was just the two of them; the two of them and the stars and the water surrounding him, with the coldness of the floor creeping slowly through the blanket and into Evan’s back, and the coldness of space surrounding them.

Radek slowly started moving, and heat spread through Evan’s entire body, battling the coldness surrounding them, and when orgasm finally overwhelmed him, it was as if the stars surrounded him completely and he was part of them, part of everything, and that was the moment when he understood for the first time completely why the Ancients had strived so much for the Ascension, just to feel like this for eternity.


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