chaotic reinvention* (passionstorm) wrote in oddball_sga,
chaotic reinvention*

Fic: Moments of Weakness

Title: Moments of Weakness
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Character: John Sheppard, Acastus Kolya (yes, you read that right)
Words: 438
Rating: PG13
Summary: It was hard days, longer nights and the fatigue of war and loneliness that led to these moments of weakness.
Warnings: Implied slash, mentions of kissing and a few curse words.
Author's Notes: I've written SG:A fic before but this pairing is completely alien. I had to. Do you think I own it? Really, come on. All mistakes are my own. Comments sate the hunger in my head.

Let me see you stripped down to the bone. Let me hear you crying just for me.
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